Does Weed Cause Schizophrenia? Let’s Examine!

You might be wondering, does weed cause schizophrenia? I have diagnoses of both autism and schizoaffective disorder, with experience of taking cannabis and an experience taking hospital medications separately. Schizophrenia is a serious genetic disorder that can cause loss of contact in reality. With schizophrenia, one might hear things, feel things or see things that … [Read more…]

Why Are Whole Grains Healthy For You?

So the question of this article is, why are whole grains healthy for you, are whole grains bad for you? Maybe, they’re great for you? Maybe not? Let’s examine. Grains cover a huge ground for me, haha. Everything I write is based on my research and my opinion. For this purpose, “grains” in this article … [Read more…]